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Photographs of Audley Family E


Portrait Painted by {E23} Caroline Audley (1864 to 1936)

The portrait painted in 1911 has been given a number of titles including ; Portrait of a Young Girl holding a Tennis Racquet in a Summer Garden; Shuttlecock and Battledore; A Game of Badmington. It has been reported that Caroline Audley exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool from 1910 onwards.

  GeorgeAudley1   SarahandFrederickAudley1

 {E29} George Audley (1801 - 1864)


 {E73} Frederick Audley (1854 - 1938)


wife of {E29} Sarah Audley nee Robinson (???? - 1891}


 The gravestone of {E29} George Audley (1801 - 1864) at Abbeylands Cemetery, Ferrybank, Waterford

Inscription reads - Sacred to the Memory of George Audley, who departed this life, April 24th 1864, aged 63 years


1929 Golden Wedding celebrations of {E73} Frederick Audley and Matilda Bydder

Back Row {E75} Fred Audley; husband of {E87} Fred Robinson; Bert Denize; husband of {E88} Jack Clothier (far back); husband of {E87} Frank Robinson; {E84} Stan Audley; husband of {E86} Rev Ernest Fletcher; {E86} Carrie Fletcher; Nancy Fletcher; wife of {E75} Alice Audley

Middle Row {E73} Frederick and Matilda Audley

Middle Front {E88} Till Clothier; Aud Denize; Fred Fletcher; Frank Robinson Jnr; Audley (Aussie) Fletcher; wife of {E84} Ena Audley; {E87} Norah Robinson

Front Margaret Fletcher; Ruth Fletcher; Nora Robinson; Bob Robinson (white tie)

  E87wedding   graveofE87
  The wedding of {E87} Norah Mabel Audley in  16th June 1909   The Grave of {E87} Norah Mabel Robinson nee Audley (1886 - 1940)
  JamesAudley2   AudleyCookeMarriageCertificate

 {E25} James Audley

(1870 - 1938)

   The marriage certificate of {E25} James Audley and his wife Edith Catherine Anne Cooke
  EdithCACookec1890   EdithCatherineAnneAudley

 The wife of {E25) Edith Catherine Anne Audley nee  Cooke

(1872 - 1957)

Photograph taken c 1890

 The wife of {E25) Edith Catherine Anne Audley nee  Cooke

(1872 - 1957)

Photograph taken in later life

  AudleyHomePenticton   JamesAudleyGravePenticton
   The House in  Penticton, British Columbia, Canada where {E25} James Audley lived with his wife Edith Catherine Anne Audley nee Cooke    The memorial to {E25} James Audley in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
  SheilaMaryAudley2   SheilaMaryAudley1969

 {E62} Sheila Mary Audley (1914 - 1987)

Photograph taken 1916-1917


 {E62} Sheila Mary Audley (1914 - 1987)

Photograph taken in 1969


The Person in the middle is either

{E25} James Audley (1870 - 1938) or his father

{E60} Henry Audley (???? - 1897)

     The Photographs below are to have their description confirmed
  Elle1   Elle2
  No 1 St Mary's Church of Ireland Clonmel County Tipperary  

 No 2 {E30} George Audley (1833 - 1923}

Photograph Taken in 1915




 No 3 {E30} George Audley (1833 - 1923}

Photograph taken in 1921

   No 4 (E67} Elizabeth Audley(1839-1916)
  Elle5    Elle6
   No 5 {E72} Albert Edward Audley (1850 - 1877}    No 6 {E73} Frederick Audley (1854-1938) with his mother {E29} Sarah Audley nee Robinson (d 1891)
  Elle7    Elle8

 No 7   {E73} Frederick Audley (1854 - 1938)

Photograph taken in 1877

   No 8 Photo of Coromandel. The Audley family lived in the house on left with the orange roof
  Elle9    Elle10

 No 9 Audley Family Coromandel

Back Row - {E86} Carrie, {E75} Fred, {E78}Alf,{E87} Norah

FrontRow - {E80} Reg, wife of {E73} Matilda, {E73} Frederick, and {E84}Stan in fromt

   No 10 The Audley home in Coromandel in Approx 1928
  Elle11   Elle12

 No 11 The Audley Home in Coromandel  in 1984

With {E??} Norah Warne; {E88} Till Clothier (!901 - 1998) and {E??} Joan Hayes

   No 12 Who are these people?
  Elle13    Elle14
   No 13 Who is this ?  

 No 14 Audley Family of Clonmel

{E86} Carrie, wife of {E73} Matilda, {E75} Fred,{E80} Reg on Knee, {E73}Frederick, {E78} Alf (in front) & {E87} Norah

  Elle15   Elle16
  No 15  {E73} Frederick and Matilda Audley (nee Bydder) with {E86} Caroline Tilly Audley & {E87} Norah Mabel Audley   no 16  {E73} Frederick and Matilda Audley (nee Bydder)
  Elle17    Elle18
  No 17 wife of {E73} Matilda, {E86} Caroline Tilly and {E73}Frederick in 1910    No 18  Wedding Dress originally worn by wife of {E73} Matilda Audley nee Bydder. It was later worn by a daughter in 1909 and a grandaughter in 1920.
  Elle19   Elle20
  No 19 {E73} Frederick and Matilda Audley   No 20 { E73} Matilda Audley holding {E87} Norah Mabel Audley?
  Elle21   Elle22
  No 21 {E73} Frederick and Matilda Audley   No 22 {E86} Caroline Tilly Audley & {E87} Norah Mabel Audley
  No 23 {E86} Caroline Audley & {E87} Norah Mabel Audley    

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