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 World War 1  Audley Combatants whose Forenames commence with the letters D to F

 The aim of the World War 1 pages in the Audley Family History website is to list all the people with the Audley & Aidley surnames who were combatants in World War 1 and to  provide a Tag Number so that their individual history can be linked to one of the Family Histories detailed within the 'Family Tree' pages on this website. Also included within these listings are a  few individuals who did not have the Audley surname but do have the name Audley name  as one of their forenames.  The individuals are listed in alphabetical order of their forenames and where only the initials of the individual is known they listed at the beginning of those people whose forename begins with the same initial letter.

  The information on this page has been compiled from a number of sources including; the Imperial War Museum website; British Army, Service & Pension records and Medal Roll Records from a well known subscription website.  For those people where service records or pension records survive there is usually sufficient information to identify the individual within the family trees developed on this website. Where service and and pension records do not exist the identification of the individual is purely based on the individuals name, in some cases such as where the individual only has a single forename, which frequently occurs it has not been possible to identify the individual.

If you have any additional information about these people and are willing to share that information with us please contact us through the website contact page.

Tag Combatant



Royal Flying Corp

Dennis John Audley

Born 26th May 1893       Died Q1 1980

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

Royal Navy, #F10446

Served at Shorebases:

HMS President II (Crystal Palace & Roehampton) 7th January 1916 to 31st December 1917

HMS Daedalus (Lee on Solent) 1st January 1818 to 31st March 1918

Transfered to RAF 1st April 1918

Royal Air Force, Air Mechanic, #10525

Royal Air Force (RAF/RFC), #210446

His Naval Service Record survived which shows he was transfered to the RAF



Lincolnshire Regiment

 Edward Samuel Audley

 Born Q1 1877      Died Q4 1922

 Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

 Enlistment Date: 11th November 1915

 British Army, Lincolnshire Regiment, Pioneer, #19351

 British Army, Royal Engineers, Pioneer, #129508

 Discharge Date: 15th April 1919

 His Service Record Survives




Royal Flying Corp

Edward William Audley

Born Q4 1880    Died Q4 1947

Enlisted 30th October 1897     Discharged 31st December 1900

Service 3 years 62 days

Discharged having been found medically unfit for further service

Re- enlisted 24th June 1916

Transferred to Royal Air Force 1st April 1918

Transferred to Air Force Reserve 10th April 1919

Discharged 30th April 1920

Overseas Service

Malta: 6th February 1898 to 11th January 1899

South Africa: 10th November 1899 to 9th October 1900

He was slightly wounded at Rensburg/Colesberg and taken prisoner

6th January 1900

Recaptured Bloemfontein 13 March 1900

He was wounded in both hands near Pretoria 2nd August 1900

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

British Army, Suffolk Regiment, #4755

Air Force (RAF/RFC), #88779

A Pension record exists for him





Royal Field Artllery

Ernest Audley

Born 9th March 1888    Died 1st January 1921

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

British Army, Royal Field Artillery, Driver, #1723


British Army, Royal Field Artillery, Driver, #697165

He has been identified by his name but note the Ernest Audley below





Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Ernest Audley

Born 5th December 1900    Died Q4 1979

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

British Army, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Private, #34800

British Army, Hampshire Regiment, Private, #010412

He has been identified by his name but note the Ernest Audley above



8th (Irish) King's Liverpool Regiment

Francis Audley

Born abt 1876    Died 1st April 1919

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

Enlistment date: 30 April 1909

British Army, 8th (Irish) Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment, #1050

Discharge date 19th December 1914 para 156(ii) TA Regulations

Total service 5 years 233 days

A Pension record exists for him




Royal Engineers

Francis J P Audley

Born abt 1898    Died Q1 1959

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

British Army, Royal Engineers, Sapper, #1440

British Army, Royal Engineers, Sapper, #488195

He has been identified based on his name




Royal Flying Corp

Frank Audley

Born Q2 1898      Died ????

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

Royal Navy,

Air Force (RAF/RFC), #47657

( Enlistment in 1916 record notes him as a Tool Maker )

He has been identified based on his name and it is assumed that the above records refer to a single person and not two people




East Lancashire Regiment

Frederick William Audley

Born 21st February 1889      Died Q3 1943

Military Unit; Rank & Service Number

Enlistnent Date:  13th September 1915

British Army, East Lancashire Regiment, Private, #241641

Served Overseas in France from 13th January 1916 to 11th March 1917

Date of Discharge:  22nd May 1919

Reason for discharge: discharged on medical grounds having been wounded (Gun shot wounds)

Awarded the Silver War Badge.

His service Record Survives

dlu 20200504

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