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Seals - pre 1391

The Seals on this page cover the period up to 1391 namely that period before the death of {ZA16} Nicholas De Aldithley the 3rd Lord Audley of Heleigh. The title then passed through marriage to the Touchet Family and in 1405 {ZC2} Sir John Touchet (Knight) became the 4th Lord Audley of Heleigh

The original seals (and seal moulds) on this webpage are in the British Library, The National Archives Kew and the National Library of  France

As Seals usually incorporate a Coat of Arms; this webpage should be read in conjunction with the Coat of Arms section of this website. The advantage with seals is that they are usually attached to a manuscript which can be dated



Seal 7019 in the British Library Dated 1305

Attributed to {ZA23} Hugh Daudlee or de Audeleghe

of Horseheath county Cambridge (and of Stratton-Audley Oxfordshire) Knt.

The seal of {ZA27} Sir James Audley the hero of the Battle of Poitiers (19th September 1356). The seal is on a Manuscript dated 1360 in the National Library of France
In early documents he is frequently confused with {ZA13} whose seal is shown below. 

seal7026 seal7026out

Seal 7026 in the British Library Dated Temp Edw III (1312-1377)
Attributed to {ZA13}  James de Audeleye “Seigneur de Rouge Chaustell et de Heleye”, Shropshire


seal7028close seal7028

Seal 7028 in the British Library; Dated Temp Hen III (1207 – 1272)
Attributed to James de Audithele or Audelelega of Berkhampstead co Herts  Sectetum


 PRO23 4809  

 Seal Mould PRO23/4809 in The National Archive Date 1353 – 1354
Attributed to {ZA13} Lord James de Audeleye see image of actual seal above

 PRO23 279

Seal Mould PRO23/279 dated 1538

The Seal of Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire

Whilst the seal is attached to a manuscript dated 1538 it contains a Fret.

This is the Coat of Arms of {ZA5} Henry Audley, who in 1219 founded and endowed Hulton Abbey

dlu 20201006

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