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Seals Post 1405

The Seals on this page cover the period after 1405 namely that period after the death of {ZA16} Nicholas De Aldithley the 3rd Lord Audley of Heleigh and  after  {ZC2} Sir John Touchet (Knight) became the 4th Lord Audley of Heleigh

The original seals (and seal moulds) on this webpage are in the British Library, The National Archives Kew

As Seals usually incorporate a Coat of Arms; this webpage should be read in conjunction with the Coat of Arms section of this website. The advantage with seals is that they are usually attached to a manuscript which can be dated


 PRO23 749  sealHenryAudleyhampshire


Seal Mould PRO23/749 in  the National Archive
Date not specified
Attributed to John Tuchet
The unusual thing about the Coat of Arms in the above seal is that the lower left hand quadrant is different from the upper right hand quadrant

The seal of {T96} Henry Audley, Esq of  Cold Hendley, Whitchurch, Hampshire on an article of Agreement, dated 3rd June 1595, between him and Robert Powlett of Cadand, Gent. 
In should be noted that the seal has been applied to the agreement, a V cut made in the paper and then folded over the seal so that the seal is enclosed on both sides by paper. This photograph has been taken through the paper
The significance of this seal is that the coat of arms is identical to that of the Barons Audley suggesting a close relationship.
The original document is in the Hampshire archives ref 48046/1 (Alt ref 46M48/16) 

dlu 20201006

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