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Published Information related to Audley Families

This website  page and its sub-pages contains copies of those parts of published documents that are relevant to the study of the 'Audley Family history'.

This page lists the documents that are contained on the sub-pages of this website:


' About the Barons Audley' Several documents have been published about the family history of the  Barons Audley. There are differences, particularily for the early Audleys and the early Touchets.  This page provides:

1.    A link to these publications and

2.    A comparison between these documents in order to determine the correct family tree for the early Barons Audley

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 'Audley Pedigrees by A L Reade' In the 1920s George Audley of Liverpool commissioned A L Reade to undertake research into the Audley surname. As a result of this work a 20-chapter book titled ‘Audley Pedigrees' was privately published. 250 copies were produced of which 247 copies were presented to various libraries.

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 'The Complete Peerage by GEC' or more fully The Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom Extant Extinct Dormant by GEC. (G E Cokayne) New  Edition, Revised and much enlarged edited by The Hon. Vicary Gibbs published The St Catherines Press Ltd 1910. This is probably the most comprehensive publication on the peerage. 

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'Baronagium Genealogicum'  or 'The Pedigrees of the English Peers deduced from earliest times.....including as well collateral as lineal descent'. Originally compiled by Sir W Segar and continued to 'present times' by J Edmundson with additions by F Hargrave. Published in 6 volumes between 1764 & 1784. 

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'The Baronage of England' by Sir William Dugdale was published in 1675. Three sections of this document are relevant to this website. 

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'The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography' This webpage contains the details of those people linked to the Audley Family who have a biography in this publication.

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 'The Reseach by Mr Richard Sneyd'.  This page contains:

 Notes from the research of Mr Richard Sneyd into the origin of the Aldithley (Audley), Sneyd & Stanley families. 

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'Other Published information'.  This page contains

 Those parts of the following publications relevant to 'Audley Family history':


 'Peerage of England' by Collins and published in 1812

 'County Families of Lancashire & Cheshire by James Croston F.S.A published 1887.

'The Parentage of James de Audley' by Josiah Wedgewood MP

 'Peerage and Pedigree by J Horace Round M.A.,LLD., published 1910.

 'Old Cheshire Families by Lionel M Angus-Butterworth F.R.G.A, F.Z.S, F.S.A, Scot. published 1932 & 1970.

 'Sir James Audley's Cheshire Squires' by James Blundell.

 'Audleys in America after the Civil War'

The Barons Audley of Heley and Hulton Abbey by Thelma W Lancaster.

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