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Audley Places in Staffordshire

In Staffordshire there are the following places associated with the Audley surname;

    • The Brass Commemorating {Z19} Thomas Audley in St James' Church, Audley
    • Audley Village
    • Audley Castle in Audley Village
    • Heighley Castle near Madeley; the home of the Barons Audley
    • Hulton Abbey in the area of Stoke called Abbey Hulton

The Brass Commemorating {ZA19} Thomas Audley in St James' Church, Audley

  Audleychurch1   AudleyChurch2

 The inscription (in Angol-Norman) on the brass plate states:

Icy gist Mons. Thomas D' Audeley Chivaler fra Mons. James D' Audeley, Seign'r de Heleigh de Rouge Chastell qui moruit Le xxiv die Januari L' An. de gra' Mo ccclxxxv -qui vit: de qi alme Dieu p' sa pite eit merci -AMEN

Translated this reads:

Here lies Sir Thomas Audley, brother (sic) of Sir James Audley, lord of Heleigh and Redcastle, who died on the 24th January in the year of grace 1385 on whose soul God have mercy and pity”

The Sir James  Audley is {Z13} in our research. There is no documentary evidence that Sir James Audley had a brother and it seems that it is generally accepted that the Sir Thomas Audley, whom the brass commerates is infact his son {Z19} Thomas Audley



On this website there are three brasses commemorating various members of the Audley Family. The following links will take you to the other brasses;



   Photographs of Audley Village
  audleyvillage7   Audleyvillage1
   AudleyStaffs1    AudleyStaffs2
   AudleyStaffs3    AudleyStaffs4
   AudleyStaffs5    AudleyStaffs6
   AudleyStaffs7    AudleyStaffs8
  AudleyStaffs9   Audleyvillage2
      Audley Theatre
  audleyvillage6   Audleyvillage3
  Memorials to Coal Miners   Audley Takeaway
  audleyvillage4   audleyvillage5
  Audley Convenience Store   Audley Fish & Chip Shop
   Audley Castle in Audley Village    


  The  plaque on the site of Audley Castle  

Audley Castle is on the hill behind the trees

in the Village of Audley

  Audleycastle2   Audleycastle4

Nothing remains of Audley Castle other than the mound on which it was built


  Heighley Castle, near Madeley

The file below contains information about Heighley Castle

pdf Information about Heighley Castle

   heighleymap    P1070239
  Whilst Heighley Casltle can be clearly seen on the Ordnance Survey map. It is far more difficult to find any remains when one is stood on the site.
   P1070243    P1070244

Hulton Abbey was a former monastery located in what is now Abbey Hulton, a suburb of Stoke-on-Trent. A daughter house of the Cistercian Combermere Abbey, the abbey was founded by Henry de Audley in the early 13th century. The abbey was relatively small and poor, with one of the lowest incomes of all Staffordshire religious houses, ahead of only Brewood Priory. The abbey was dissolved in 1538. (source Wikipedia)


Hulton Abbey (1219 - 1538)

1= The Church             2= West Range       3= South Range         4= East Range

  Hulton Abbey as it is in 2014
  Details of the stonework
  HultonAbbey3   HultonAbbey4
  HultonAbbey5   HultonAbbey6

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