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Audley Places in Shropshire


  Audley Avenue Industrial Estate, Newport Shropshire




  So what is the link between the Audley Family and Newport in Shropshire?

Wikipedia has for Newport, Shropshire:

‘The town is mentioned once by John Leland in a list of castles, though now no visible remains of the castle exist; however, the most probable location for it would have been the traditional site of a manor house at Upper Bar, where there is a fragment of a square, broad moat, or on the higher ground along the Forton road, where the Castle House school stands. As regards the moat, nearly square, forming by measurement an area of 60 square yards, two sides have been filled with rubbish. Nothing is known about the occupants of the moated site. It could have pre-dated the town or, perhaps more likely, could have been the manor house of the Audleys, who were granted the manor in 1227. By 1421, the manor house was in ruins.

One of the main reasons for Newport’s early wealth was the surrounding fisheries and the chief service of the burgesses, being that of taking fish to the Royal court wherever it might be. This custom was continued after Henry III had granted the borough, with the manor of Edgmond, to Henry de Audley; Henry’s son James granted in the middle of the 13th century that the burgesses need not take the fish anywhere except within the county of Shropshire.’

The  Baronage of England by William Dugdale published in 1675 (volume 1 page 746) states in reference to {ZA5} Henry Audley, the first Lord Audley (1177 – 1246):

And within two moneths after a Grant from the King of the Lordships of Egmundon and Newport in Shropshire, for the yearly Rent of a Mued Sparhawk, to be delivered into the Kings Exchequer, every year at the Feast of St Michael.’



Bailiffs in Much Wenlock, Shropshire

  Muchwenlock1   Muchwenlock2
   Muchwenlock3    Muchwenlock4
  It can be seen from the above images that an 'Audley Bowdler' was a Bailiff of Much Wenlock in 1645; 1648; 1654; 1669 &1703. From these dates there must have been at least two people called ' Audley Bowdler'. It is not known how the Audley and Bowdler Families are connected.
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