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 Audley Places in Merseyside


 In Merseyside there are the following places associated with the Audley surname;

        • Audley Street Liverpool
        • Peter Pan, Sefton Park, Liverpool
        • The Pageant of Peter Pan 16th June 1928
        • Cannons in Sefton Park, Liverpool
        • Eros Statue, Liverpool
        • Audley Gardens, Stanley Park, Liverpool

Audley Street, Liverpool









   Peter Pan Statue, Sefton Park, Liverpool presented to Liverpool by {C50} George Audley






Left The Peter Pan Statue, located in Sefton Park.

Above The plaque at the base of the statue. No one knows where the cannon are they were last seen in the 1960s.


Photograph Taken in 1932 showing:

The Peter Pan Statue

One of the cannons referred to in the plaque and

The ship 'The Jolly Roger'. It is believed that this is the first of three ships of that name that sailed in Sefton Park


link     Link to the Palm House, in Sefton Park Website

The Palm House Sefton Park is owned by Liverpool City Council, and is operated by the ‘Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust’ a Registered Charity established in 1996

 The Pageant of Peter Pan, Sefton, Park, Liverpool 16th June 1928  

 youtube      Youtube Video of Peter Pan Pageant 16th June 1928

YouTube video of The Opening of the Unveiling of the Peter Pan Statue in 1928, from British Pathe

Cannons in Sefton Park, Liverpool


 The plaque at the base of the Peter Pan Statue makes reference to two cannons from the Royal Yacht ‘Victoria and Albert’

A newspaper article of 1st March 1948 indicates that the cannon were presented to Liverpool Council by the Cunard & White Star Line.

The location of the cannons are not known. There are reports that they were in Sefton Park in the 1960s.

There have been three Royal Yachts with the name Victoria and Albert
  Victoria & Albert (1843 – 1855)
  Victoria & Albert (1855 – 1900)
  Victoria & Albert (1901 – 1937)


  Eros Statue presented to Liverpool by {G50} George Audley

 Original Statue in Conservation Centre, Liverpool    Replacement Statue in Sefton Park
George Audley (left) inspecting the site where the copy of Eros will be erected in 1932.

Audley Gardens, Stanley Park, Liverpool


Plan of Stanley Park Liverpool, an extract from ‘The History of Stanley Park by Mary Keay published 1992.

Flora MacDonald; Sculptor by Benjamin Edward Spence, in marble dated 1865
This statue was donated to the city of Liverpool by George Audley in January 1929 and housed un the Palm House at Stanley Park, During the 1980’s the Palm House suffered neglect it and its contents, including this statue became increasingly vandalised. The Palm House was sold off in July 1986 to a private company. The statue is believed to have been destroyed by vandals shortly after that time whilst the building was being refurbished.


The sunken garden (the Audley Gardens) was created and furnished with statues depicting characters from fairy tales and mythology donated by a Liverpool business man  {C50} George Audley  



Floralclock   Boywithfish
The floral Clock   Boy with Fish
In the early 1900s the Channel was filled in and flower beds were created. In 1929 the aviary was transferred to another park and a children’s playground was created, with a cuckoo clock,, dovecots and many fairy tale characters. There were four statuettes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and other Statues were dotted around the flower beds whilst by the boathouse there was a wishing well with a fisherman, gnome and his pals, a great favourite with the young children. These were all donated by George Audley. At the foot of the clock there is a plaque which states “The floral clock and the various statues and ornaments in the children’s garden were presented by George Audley Esq J.P. 1st July 1928.
Extract from ‘The History of Stanley Park by Mary Keay published 1992.


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