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Photographs of Audley Family F

  F5GeorgeAudley   F34RobertAudley
  {F5} George Audley (1811 - 1891)   {F34} Robert Audley (1896 - 1970)
  F32DeborahAudley   F6James Audley

{ F32} Deborah Audley (1843 - 1925)

She was born in Ireland, became a Nun and from approximately 1871 to her death in 1925 was working in an Orphanage in Kensington, London.

{F6} James Audley (1851 - 1916)

     {F41} John Audley (b 1931)     {F33} George Audley (1886 - 1973)     {F38} Alice Audley (b 1925)
     {F36} May Audley (1924 - 2003)     {F42} Joyce Sheppard nee Audley (b 1927)     {F38} Alice Audley (b 1925)    {F41} John Audley (b 1931)
   JohnAudley    picture6
   {F41} John Audley (b 1931)  &   {F43} Maureen Leggett nee  Audley (1928 - 1996)    {F41} John Audley (b 1931)  &  Audley Sheppard the son of {F42}

 Photograph of the original Marriage certificate of Thomas Curran to

{F10} Deborah Audley (1858 - 1917) that took place in Chicago on 5th June 1887   
   pict7    gravestone
   Advert from a local paper dated 1900 advertising the sale by auction of Samuel Audley's interest's in a farm at Cullintra, Rower    Headstone No. 1 at the Rower (for details of the inscription see the 'History of Audley Family F' on the Family Tree page of this website)
   gravestone2    gravestone2base
     Two photographs showing the top and bottom of are Headstone No. 4 at the Rower (for details of the inscription see the 'History of Audley Family F' on the Family Tree page of this website)
   The Memorial to {F39} Deborah Audley (1927 - 2008)    
     Golden wedding anniversary invitation for {F19} Margaret Audley
  {F106} Anne Eliza (Elizabeth) McCoy formerly Elizabeth Audley. She was  born in Wexford Ireland in 1871 and died 1946 in Wexford Ireland. She married William McCoy in 1896. She is the Grandmother of Norma in Canada, who kindly supplied the photograph. It is believe the photograph was taken in the last quarter of 1896.    


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