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Photographs of Audley Family AC



The portrait to the right is of George John Audley a merchant of Liverpool,  by Thomas Beach and was painted in oils on twill canvas in 1793.

It is believed that George John Audley was the Grandfather of {AC47}, whose photograph is below.The portrait was in the ownership of {AC50} George Audley.



The portrait was auctioned at Christies as lot 12 on the 12th May 1932 for 15 guineas by the executors of the will of {AC50} George Audley. The portrait was subsequently auctioned at Sothebys, London on 12th May 1993, and at Bonhams, London 19th October 1995. The current whereabouts of the portrait is not known.

In the Catalogue Raisonee in the appendix to the biography of Thomas Beach titled 'Thomas Beach a Dorset Portrait Painter' by  Elsie S Beach published 1934 describes the portrait as: on twill canvas. 3/4 L Signed. Dated 1793. 49" by 39.5". In brown Coat, with Buff vest and breeches and white stock. Full grey wig, florid complexion, hand on stick at side. Pillar and arch in background

  PeopleAC2    This photograph of  {AC47} John Audley  (1806 - 1885) is reproduced here by courtesy of the University of Liverpool, Sydney Joseph Library Special Collections and Archives Section.






   The above photograph of {AC22} Charles Audley (1851 - 1937) and his Wife Eliza Ann Audley (1851 - 1944)  

{AC50} George Audley (1864 to 1932) by John Archibald Alexander Berrie.

Painted 1927. Oil on canvas 138 x 97 cms

The benefactor who paid for 'Audley Pedigrees' to be researched and published

  Portrait of {AC50} George Audley (1864 – 1932) taken from the programme of The Pageant of Peter Pan 16th June 1928 which was the unveiling of the statue of Peter Pan in Sefton Park, Liverpool. The statue was presented by George Audley.
  The identity card dated 1944 of
{AC87} William Harold Audley (1923 – 1998)



{AC87} William Harold Audley (1923 – 1998)

Training in Nepal


{AC39} William Dundonald Audley (1895 to 1979) & his wife Constance

Hacket (1899 to 1978) a day out at the races in South Africa


   The Audley Home in Bangalore India

{AC87} William Harold Audley is person on the left 

{AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley is the person standing on the lower fountain level


{AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley

6 years old &

{AC87} William Harold Audley 

4 years old

   PeopleAC9    PeopleAC10

 {AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley

(1921 to 1942)
   The grave stone of {AC74} Derek Dundonald Audley at Warmwell (Holy Trinity) Dorset Churchyard. Photograph kindly taken by Ann from Corfe Castle Dorset
  PeopleAC11    PeopleAC12

 {AC87} William Harold Audley

(1923 to 1998)

   {AC87} William Harold Audley at the age of 39 (1923 to 1998)
  PeopleAC15   PeopleAC17 

 {AC40} Walter Donald Audley

(1900 - 1981)

  Mary Jane Audley neé Marsh (1853 – 1918)
The wife of {AC6} Stanley Audley (1845- 1911)
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   {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)   The first communion record of
 {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)
   PeopleAC25    PeopleAC26
    {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)
photograph taken in 1927
   {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948) with his dog 
possibly with two of his brothers? 
   PeopleAC19   PeopleAC20
   Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960)
The wife of {AC8} Robert William Audley
   Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960)
The wife of {AC8} Robert William Audley
  PeopleAC16   PeopleAC22
  Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960)
The wife of {AC8} Robert William Audley
Taken from her passport dated 1953
    {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)
     Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960) the wife of {AC8} Robert William Audley and
{AC9} Doreen Audley (1922 – 2015)
  PeopleAC27   PeopleAC29 
   {AC9} Doreen Audley (1922 – 2015)
Photograph taken in 1925
  {AC9} Doreen Audley (1922 – 2015) 
Photograph taken in 1944 
   PeopleAC28    PeopleAC23
   {AC9} Doreen Audley (1922 – 2015)
In the RAF in Egypt
   Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960);
{AC9} Doreen Audley (1922 – 2015) ;
{AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)
     From Left to Right:
Edith Evans neé Jones (sister of brides mother); Herbert  Evans; Maurice Coughlan (1917 – 1979); {AC9} Doreen Coughlan neé Audley (1922 – 2015); Nora (bridesmaid and brides maternal cousin); Ethel Audley née Jones (1893 – 1960);
and {AC8} Robert William Audley (1880 -1948)

Photograph taken 1947
   PeopleAC32    PeopleAC33
   Maurice Coughlan (1917 – 1979) and {AC9} Doreen Coughlan neé Audley (1922 – 2015).
Photograph taken 1947
  {AC9} Doreen Coughlan neé Audley (1922 – 2015); Maurice Coughlan (1917 – 1979);  with Liz and Rob Coughlan
Photograph taken 1957 
   PeopleAC34   PeopleAC36 
  {AC49} John Audley (1863 – 1942)    {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980) 
   PeopleAC35   PeopleAC37 
   {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)   {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980) 
   PeopleAC42   PeopleAC43 
    HMT Seddon on Coastal Patrol From Falmouth during 1940/41
{AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)  served as Commanding Officer on this Trawler  
     {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)
Photo taken at Lamlash Naval Station, Isle of Arran, where he was SO (Ops) 1941 to 1945
  PeopleAC45    PeopleAC48 
   {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)
taken 1939-41 when he was Lieutenant in command of several Armed Trawlers of which HMT Seddon was one.
  {AC53} John Edmund Audley (1901 – 1980)
in Pass Christian, Mississippi, USA 
   PeopleAC49   PeopleAC47 
  {AC64} Elfride Audley (1932 – 2002)
Taken in 1948 
  The wife of {AC53} Emily Marie Audley neé Cook
(1903 – 1997)
Taken in 1948 
  PeopleAC46   PeopleAC38
  {AC63}  Jacqueline  Claire de Marigny Audley (1929 – 2002). with ‘Benny’   {AC63} Jacqueline  Claire de Marigny Audley (1929 – 2002). This photograph was taken in 1947 when she was presented to King George VI at Holyrood House, Edinburgh
  PeopleAC39   PeopleAC40
  {AC63}  Jacqueline Claire de Marigny Audley (1929 – 2002)   Right
{AC63}  Jacqueline  Claire de Marigny Audley (1929 – 2002)
  {AC63} Jacqueline Claire de Marigny Audley (1929 – 2002)

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