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Newspaper Articles about Audley Family F

This page contains a number of articles from Newspapers and Magazines that contain information about or makes reference to people who are part of Audley F.


Publication and Date of Publication

Details of Article/ Link to the article/ Person referred to when known

 Norwich Aurora Connecticut

19th April 1871

 A Copper Ha'penny

pdf      A Copper Ha'penny

{F65} Charles Audley digs up  a copper ha'penny piece of "Georgius II, Rex Britannia dated 1749.


The Irish Times

26th July 1875 

Setter Dogs For Sale by {F5} George Audley (1811 - 1891)

       pdf      Setter Dogs For Sale



 Jackson Citizen Patriot


27th March 1878

The Death By Drowning of {F83} Robert Audley

pdf      Death by Drowning part 1

The above article describes how {F83} Robert Audley was washed overboard from a fishing boat and that he is presumed drowned


 Jackson Citizen Patriot


20th November 1878

The Death By Drowning of {F83} Robert Audley

pdf      Death by Drowning part 2

The above article describes the recovery of the body of {F83} Robert Audley 8 months after he was washed overboard from a fishing boat


 The NewHaven Register Connecticut

28th December 1878

 Irish Setter Dog Stolen

pdf      Irish Setter Dog Stolen

Lawrence Farrell is charged with stealing an Irish Setter dog from {F65} Charles Audley.


The New York Times

15th September 1881

The New Haven Murder

pdf      The New Haven Murder

The article includes the testimony of {F67} George T Audley

New Haven Register Connecticut 

30th October 1884

 Marriage Announcement

pdf      Marriage Announcement

The announcment that {F67} George T Audley of New Haven and Miss Julia A Remer of Whitneyville  were married the previous evening.


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

15th November 1884

 Two Ladies Hurt

pdf      Two Ladies Hurt

Mrs Audley, the wife of {F65} Charles Audley, was severely injured, and their {F69} daughter stunned when both ladies were  thrown from a phaeton.


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

4th January 1886

 Death Announcement

pdf      Death Announcement

Julia A Audley the wife of {F65} George T Audley and the daughter of Lewis H Remer in Whitneyville


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

21st August 1886

 Thrown from Buggy

pdf      Thrown from Buggy

{F69} Miss Nellie Audley, a lady friend, and a little boy were thown out of a buggy when a horse was frightened by a train passing under a bridge. Miss Audley received a slight cut on her chin.


New Haven Register Connecticut 

12th June 1889

 Dragged by horse

pdf      Dragged by horse

{F69} Miss Audley the daughter of Charles Audley was injured when she was dragged by a horse. She received a deep cut on her face and other injuries


The Irish Times

17th November 1890

Trees for Sale

pdf      Trees For Sale

The above article refers to {F5} George Audley (1811 - 1891)

 New Haven Register Connecticut 

1st March 1893

 Charles Audley receives compensation from the Postal Telegraph Company

pdf      Receives Compensation

{F65} Charles Audley receives $75 compensation (he claimed $100 damages) from the Postal Telegraph Company for damaging his trees at his farm in Bethany


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

31st July 1893

 Charles Audley's 64th Birthday

pdf      Charles Audley's 64th Birthday

{F65} Charles Audley celebrates his 64th birthday anniversary at his summer home at Sound View Farm, Bethany


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

26th July 1895

 Charles Audley sues Postal Telegraph Company

pdf      Charles Audley sues Postal Telegraph Company

{F65} Charles Audley is about to bring a suit against the Postal Telegraph company for destroying and injuring several of his trees.


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

7th October 1895

 Charles Audley is given a worthless cheque

pdf      Worthless Cheque

{F65} Charles Audley is given a worthless cheque to the value of $20.


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

2nd February 1900

 George T Audley sues Thomas H Pratt (article 1)

pdf      George T Audley sues Thomas H Pratt (article 1)

Thomas H Pratt, who acquired considerable fame while pursuing his studies at Yale,because of the litigation in which he became involved, has just been made the defendant in a suit for $5,790. Mr Pratt is sued this time by his former secretary and manager of affairs {F67} George Audley of this City. George Audley is the son of Liveryman Audley of Audubon Street.


 New Haven Register Connecticut 

9th November 1900

 George T Audley sues Thomas H Pratt (article 2)

pdf      George T Audley sues Thomas H Pratt (article 2)

A report of the action brought by {F67} George T Audley to recover his back pay for services rendered to the Thomas H Pratt as his general factotum up to the latter part of 1899.  Mr Pratt is very well known to the people of New Haven.


Masachusetts Lowell Sun

21st August 1905

Wants Divorce

pdf      'Wants Divorce'

The top left hand article in the link above,  refers to a $10,000 suit brought by {F67} George T Audley against Thomas Pratt who was also being sued for a divorce by his wife.

The Irish Times

12th February 1906
 Game Prosecution

pdf      Game Prosecution

The person procecuted in the above article is either {F7} Robert Audley (1845 - 1923) or {F47} Robert Henry Audley (1863 - ????)


 Seattle Daily Times

30th April 1924

Charles Audley found Dead

pdf      Charles Audley Found Dead

{F9} Charles Audley was found dead in his home by a neighbour. Mr H A Audley & Mr F A Audley claim to be his nephews although the information from the US Federal Censuses does not show any relationship between the two brothers and Charles Audley.


Unknown Publication

10th December


The Death Announcement of Robert Audley

pdf      Death of Robert Audley

The Death Announcement of {F23} Robert John Audley and includes details of his achievements.


Seattle Daily


3rd Sept 1958

Death Announcement of Henry R Audley

  Death Announcement of Henry R Audley

The Death Announcement of {F84} Henry R Audley


Kilkenny People

19th June 1998

 Research needed on Kilkenny in the 18th Century

        1798 Commemoration Event

A report on the Commemoration event held to commemorate the 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion in which {F1} Charles Audley was killed.


Munster Express

26th June 1998

1798 Commemoration Event

pdf      1798 Commemoration Event

'Rower District of South Kilkenny beat to the sound of the drum in impressive and moving 1798 Commemoration event.

{F1} Charles Audley was killed in the United Irishmen Rebellion of 1798

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