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We ensure that all our data is checked and correct, this is a hobby to the owners of the site and therefore taking our time and getting it right is what we are known for.

Name Indexes

The two indexes on this page are the ‘forename index’ and the ‘family index’. They contain identical information the only difference is the order in which that information is presented.  In the ‘forename index’ the individuals are listed alphabetically by their forenames; whereas in the ‘family index’ the individuals are listed by their ‘tag’ number. (The letters in their tag number define to which Family they belong.}

These indexes contain the years the individual was born, married, and died, when known, together with the name of their spouse(s), when known.  The indexes are in pdf format and one way to use these indexes is to use  your web browsers search (find) facility to search for the spouse’s maiden name or for a female who was born an Audley to search for her married name. Once you know the persons ‘tag’ number you can find them in the appropriate family tree.



 'Forename Index'

This is an alphabetic list by forename of those individuals included in the families described in the 'Family Tree' page of this website. . Like most things with family history the index is not complete, and should be considered as 'work in Progress'

 pdf      Forename Index

 last updated on  9th April 2024


'Family Index' 

This index is identical to the forname index above the only difference is that the order of people in the index is by their 'Tag number' (example {J46})

pdf       Family Index

last updated on 9th April 2024








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We are always here to help, after all we know how hard to track down and verify information. If you have any information relevant to the Audley family, that you are prepared to share with us please us. Without the help of people and help us increase our knowledge.

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Over the years we have learnt a lot, about the Audley family, we check all our data to make sure it is correct. However some errors are bound to have occurred, if you do spot an error please contact us so that we can improve this website.

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