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Audley Places in Victoria, Australia

Audley Places in South Australia




             The only place I am aware of in South Australia is:

                     Audley Street in Adelaide

            I would appreciate it if somebody would share more information or photographs of               this places


        The following branches of the Audley Family have members who lived in South                     Australia:

               ‘Audley Family E’ originally of Counry Waterford & Wexford, Ireland 

                ‘Audley Family T’originally of Cheshire and Staffordshire, England

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Audley Places in New Hampshire USA

The following advert for 'R S Audley Incorporated'  a General Construction & Contracting company was photographed in New Hampshire USA where the company is based.



Audley Places in New South Wales, Australia.





            Audley (top right pin) is Located on the outskirts of southern Sydney. It is located in                    the Royal National Park and is part of Sutherland Shire.

     The area was surveyed by {ZC72} Lord George Edward Audley in 1863-4, where he set up camp. He later married Emily, the second daughter, of Major Sir Thomas                           Mitchell the Surveyor- General.




There would appear to be three roads in New South Wales that bear the name Audley. They are:

Audley Street, Sydney

Audley Road, Sydney and

Audley Street, Narrandera

I would appreciate it if somebody would share more information or photographs of these places


The following branches of the Audley Family have members who lived in New South Wales, Australia

‘Audley Family AB’ originally of Liverpool England,

‘Audley Family AH’ originally of Liverpool, England

‘Audley Family B’ originally of Birmingham, England

‘Audley Family ZC’ The Barons (Lord) Audley Family

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Audley Places in Arizona USA

Audley, Yavapal, County, Arizona USA


 On the Smith Map of 1879 the place was called Audrey

On the General Land Office Map of  1921 and and the United Stated Geological Survey map of 1923 the place was called Audley

  Station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad 11 miles west of Sigliman, at the head of the Aubrey valley and Should have been spelt that way, after Francoise Xavier Aubrey. According to A G Wells the President of the Santa Fe Railroad " It was originally Aubrey, but there was another station on the Santa Fe by this name of much earlier use, so it was changed to Audley

The above has been taken from "Arizona Place Names" by Will C Barnes

This document  refers to the place as Audley

  The following two maps show the location of Audley in Yavapal County, Arizona, close to 'the historic Route 66
  In the map below the locator shows the location of Audley


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