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Coats of Arms

 Coats of Arms belong to individuals not surnames. A Coat of Arms is granted to an individual and passes to his descendants in the male line.  When an individual has been granted a Coat of Arms, his sons, during the father's lifetime, will 'difference' their Coat of Arms by the addition of a 'label'.

Shown below are a number of 'Coat of Arms' used by various members of the Audley Family. More detailed information about these Coats of Arms and the source of my information can be found by selecting the links  to supporting information at various places within this web page.


  The Verdun family held lands, that had been granted directly by the King, in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and Leicestershire, and the Verdun family sub-let (or subinfuedated) the Manor of Aldithley (or Audley) in Staffordshire.



 Verdun Coat of Arms



 Audley Coat of Arms

There are several cases where a vassel (i.e. Lord Audley) used the arms of his overlord (i.e. Lord Verdun), but with the colours reversed.

verdunshieldpluscrossformy fretty51   label3
 {ZA5} Henry De Aldithley or Audley  

 {ZA9} William De Aldithley

{ZA10} Nicholas De Aldithley (first Lord Audley of Heleigh)

{ZA13} Sir James De Aldithley (second Lord Audley of Heleigh)


 {ZA27} Sir James De Audelee, the hero of the Battle of Poitiers (19th September 1356) and Founder Knight of the Garter.


{ZA23} Hugh Audley of Horseheath the grandfather of {ZA27}

lyoncel   final shield 5   final shield 1

{ZA26} Sir James of Co Gloucester

The Complete Peerage Vol 1 page 348 refers to him being styled of Gloucestershire


Sir Hugh of Co Gloucester

whiteboarder   chevrons   windsorshield

{ZA24} Hugh de Aldithley

  {ZA24} Hugh de Aldithley created 8th Earl of Gloucester in 1337. He became Earl of Gloucester as a result of his marriage, in 1317, to Margaret de Clare the daughter of Richard De Clare the 6th Earl of Gloucester  

The depiction of the Coat of arms of{ZA27} Sir James De Aldithley KG the hero of The Battle of Poitiers and Founder Knight of the Garter as displayed at St George's Hall Windsor.

We believe that this is the incorrect Coat of Arms for {ZA27} as this is the Coat of arms of the Barons (Lord) Audley and {ZA27} was not the Baron (Lord) Audley

We believe that {ZA27} James Audley used the coat of arms with a 3 bar label. (two images above)



  Audleyof waldentype2

{ZC27} James Touchet, 17th Lord Audley of Heleigh, in the County of Stafford,  7th Earl of Castlehaven and  7th Baron Orier in Ireland


 {ZC4} John Touchet 6th Lord Audley of Heleigh

  {ZW5} Thomas, Lord Audley 1st (and last) Baron Audley of Walden KG, PC, KS

     The supporting evidence for the above information is contained in the files below:

pdf       Supporting Evidence part 1

pdf          Supporting Evidence part 2

pdf       Supporting Evidence for The Coat of Arms of {ZA27} Sir James  Audley


 The  above Coat of Arms is that used by the Earls of Castlehaven, who were also Barons Audley of Heleigh and Barons of Orier.

This Coat of Arms is based on  that in Baronagium Genealogicum a copy of which can be seen on the 'images of Coats of Arms' page

Thicknesse1   Thicknesse2

   The above two Coats of Arms represents two alternatives used by the Thicknesse Family when they held the title of Baron Audley of Heleigh. Of the two we believe the right hand version is the correct version. For details  follow the link below. Both these images are based on Burke's Peerage 1851 and 1853 editions.

 pdf       Supporting Evidence part 3


  The Coat of Arms of the Jesson Family when they held the title of Barons Audley of Heleigh



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