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Katherina L Audley

Biography of Katherina L Audley

Katherina L Audley is the Founder and Director of Whales of Guerrero, Mexico, which facilitates community driven conservation in the fishing village of Barra del Potosí and throughout the South West Pacific State of Guerrero, Mexico. She is also a ‘National Geographic Explorer’. Her National Geographic biography can be found by selecting the link below


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Whales of Guerrero



Information about Katherina’s Role in the ‘Whales of Guerrero’ and the Project’s Website and Facebook Page can be found by selecting the appropriate link below:


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This page was created with the approval of Katherina L Audley

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 {ZA27} Sir James De Audley K.G.

{ZA27} Sir James de  Audley ( c1322 - 1369) was the hero of the Battle of Poitiers (19th September 1356) and a founder Knight of the Garter. Early published documents confuse him with {ZA13} Lord James Audley the 2nd Baron Audley (1212 -1385) The aim of this webpage is to demonstrate that they are two different people.  They were related in that they shared a common great grandfather. Their relationship is shown in the following family tree


 The first person to conclude that {ZA27} Sir James Audley and {ZA13} Baron James Audley were two separate people was was Beltz who in 1841 published his ' Memorials of the order of the Garter'.   There is a fixed number of Members of the Order of the Garter and the individuals are only replaced when they died.  Beltz realised that the stall (seat) held by {Z27} Sir James Audley had been reallocated to Sir Thomas Granson by 1375; and as {ZA13} Baron James Audley did not die until 1383 he concluded that {ZA13} Baron James Audley could not be  the founder knight of the garter or the hero of the Battle of Poitiers.

       Memorials of the Order of the Garter

The most informative document giving the family trees of both these people was published in 1906 by Josiah Wedgwood MP (The great-great grandson of the founder of the Wedgwood pottery company) The article titled 'The parentage of James De Audley K.G.' was published in Historical Collection of  Staffordshire (Staff Cols) Vol IX New series pages  245- 68.

       The Parentage of James de Audley K.G.

 The two images below are of the seals used by both {ZA27} Sir James Audley (left) and {ZA13} Baron James Audley (right).  The most important  point shown by these seals is how {ZA27} Sir James Audley differentiated his Coat of Arms  from that of the Baron by the addition of a label of 3 vertical bars and one horizontal bar; again demonstrating two different people
SealofSirJamesAudley2 seal7026

The seal of {ZA27} Sir James Audley. This seal is attached to a Manuscript in the National Library of France dated 1360 which records that he received money from the French, for the English forces to leave the Fortress of 'La Ferté Sous Jauarre'

The Seal of {ZA13} Baron James Audley This  seal is the British Library as seal 7026 (ref Harley C54 E38) and dated temp Edw III (1312-1377) and is attributed to James de Audeleye "Seigneur de Rouge Chastell et de Heleye, Shropshire.

The exploits of {ZA27} Sir James Audley and his brother {ZA28} Peter Audley in the 'One Hundred Years War' is covered in Jonathan Sumption's Book published in 3 volumes and titled 'The  hundred years war'.  Extracts from that  book age given in the link below

      The Hundred Years War by Jonathan Sumption

Further information about the Manuscript and seal in the National Library of France and a more detailed explanation can be found in the link below.

       Further information

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{ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley

Whilst no image of Bishop Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) appears to exist his legacy can be seen from the following photographs

     Hereford Cathedral

 The list of Bishops Edmund Audley 1492

 The Audley Chapel    The Edmund Audley Monogram on chapel door
The 3 images above have been published with the kind permission of the Dean & Chapter of Hereford Cathedral who retain copyright and ownership


   Salisbury Cathedral
 The Audley Chapel    Ceiling Boss showing Audley Coat of Arms
   The above photographs of Salisbury Cathedral are published by permission of Julie Wilson

Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) was the second son of James Tuchet, fifth Baron Audley and his second wife Eleanor Holland. He took the surname Audley. The key points in his life are summarised below:


Probably resident at Lincoln College Oxford


Graduated Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Awarded Master of Arts (MA)


Became Bishop of Rochester


Awarded Doctorate of Theology (DTh)


Admitted to prebend of Colwall in Hereford Cathedral


Became archdeacon of the East Riding of Yorkshire


Admitted canon and prebendary of St George's Chapel Windsor


Also became archdeacon of Essex


Transferred to become Bishop of Hereford


Transferred to become Bishop of Salisbury


Also appointed as chancellor of the Order of the Garter


Died at Ramsbury and buried in the Audley Chapel Salisbury Cathedral

The above information summarised from the 'Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'

More information about Bishop Edmund Audley can be found in the following documents on this website

pdf       Audley Pedigrees Chapter 11      titled 'Audley of Wiltshire, and of Swaffham, Co. Norfolk'

pdf       Family ZC - The Barons Audley       


 {IR3} Frank (Francis) H Audley

Obituary New York Times  Thursday 11th May 1916

 Frank H Audley, who conducted a police supply shop at 8 Centre Market, opposite police Headquarters, died yesterday in St Vincent’s Hospital, where he was taken Monday night after being stricken with a complication of disease. Mr Audley, who was 67 years old, had been in the police supply business for ten years. Formerly he was a harness maker, but the development of automobiles  made his trade unprofitable. Mr Audley was the inventor of many appliances used by the police, including a safety holster. He lived in Stamford Conn where a wife, three sons and a daughter survive him



Envelope from letter sent by {IR3} Frank H Audley to his sister {IR4} Mary Ann Fitzgerald (formerly Audley) in 1887


 Frank H Audley registered patents as follows :

1st July 1884 – Hand Loop for Driving Reins (in conjunction with a C.E. Rand)
30th September 1902 –  Holder for Policemen’s Clubs
26th December 1905 – Stirrup
18th September 1906 – Saddle Stirrup
3rd March 1908 Revolver Holster
18th June 1907 – Whip

 pdf    Details of the patents registered by Francis (Frank) Audley

Links to Associated Infomation


pdfimage      The History of Audley Family IR


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{ZC3} James Touchet 5th Lord Audley

{ZC3} James Touchet 5th Lord Audley was slain at the Battle of Blore Heath on 23rd September 1459. He is a member of 'Audley Family {ZC} and his Family tree is detailed in the file titled 'History of Audley Family ZC'.  This file  can be found on the second level of options under the 'AudleyFamily Tree' option  on the left hand side of this web page.  Alternatively select the link below:

link      Link to web page containing the 'History of Audley Family {ZC}

The two files below contain descriptions of the battle of Blore Heath.

pdf     The Wars of the Roses by Trevor Royal (pages 240 to 242)

Published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2005

pdf      The Daily Telegraph - British Battlefields by Philip Warner (356 to 363)

Published byOsprey Publishing between 1972 and 1975 in  four volumes.



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