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{R45} William Audley or Aidley

  {R45} William Aidley or Audley was described as of Crowton a Brickmaker in the 1841 census and a farmer of Dodgley, Kingsley in the 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 census. So between 1841 and 1851 his place of residence moved a distance of 3500 metre. This relocation is shown below in a series of images from Google Earth (2010) and the Cheshire Tithe Maps (produced between 1836 and 1851.)

The image below is based on Google Earth:


The map below from the Crowton Tithe Map (date unknown) shows William Aidley or Audley occupying land as a joint occupier with Thomas Yearsley. In the 1841 census Thomas Yearsley was living adjacent to William Aidley. The land they occupied was owned by George Wilbraham. It is speculated that Thomas Yearsley may have been the father of Hannah Aidley the wife of William Aidley, but this remains to be proven.


The field details are as follows:

Plot: 341 Plot Name: Gardens Plot Size: 0 Acres 0 Roods 39 Perches

Plot: 342 Plot Name: Gardens Plot Size 0 Acres 0 Roods 0 Perches

The Google Earth image below shows the same location in 2010:


The map below is the Tithe Map (circa 1845) for Kingsley and shows the fields that were occupied by William Aidley in 1851. The Landowner for all these fields was William Nichols.


The Field details areas follows:

Plot: 153 Plot Name: Dodgeley Plot Size: 2 Acres 2 Roods 4 Perches

Plot; 157 Plot Name: Long Field Plot size: 3 Acres 1 Roods 2 Perches

Plot: 158 Plot Name: Willow Moor Hill Plot size: 5 Acres 1 Roods 21 Perches

Plot: 159 Plot Name: Backside Plot size: 1 Acres 0 Roods 39 Perches

Plot: 160 Plot Name: Homestead Yard & Garden Plot size: 0 Acres 2 Roods 30 Perches

Plot: 161 Plot Name: Near Common Lot Plot size: 4 Acres 1 Roods 6 Perches

Plot: 162 Plot Name: Further Common Lot Plot size: 4 Acres 3 Roods 23 Perches

The Google Earth Image below shows the same location in 2010



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