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{AC47} Derek Dundonald Audley (1921 - 1942)


For Royal Air Force - 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron at Warmwell in Dorset Saturday 24th October 1942 was a fine day, with good visibility with a strong wind. Six anti - intruder patrols had been carried out without incident. Non-operational flying included formation practice, tail chasing and aerobatics. Unfortunately during these aerobatics, Sergeant Derek Dundonald Audley's Typhoon was seen to break up at 18,000 ft, scattering debris over 5 miles. He was buried on the afternoon of 27th October in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity, Warmwell, Dorset, the son of William & Constance Elizabeth Audley of Durban, South Africa.




Sergeant D D Audley (778599)

The details of Sergeant Derek Dundonald Audley's short RAF career is listed below

Date of Enlistment                                       9 May 1941

(Duration of Present Emergency)


Aircraftman Second Class                           9 May 1941

Leading Aircraftman                                    9 May 1941

Sergeant                                              9 November 1941


Aircrafthand/pilot                                      9 May 1941

Under training pilot                                        Undated

Pilot                                                      27 February 1942


Salisbury                                                         9 May 1941

Initial Training Wing                                    9 May 1941

25 Elementary Flying Training School  1 August 1941

Initial Training Wing                            21 October 1941

20 Service Flying Training School    8 November 1941

Headquarters Middle East                        6 March 1942

3 Personnel Reception Centre                    10 May 1942

5 Air Defence Flight Unit 1                           5 June 1942

Grangemouth                                                  7 July 1942

58 Operational Training Unit                          Undated

266 (Rhodesia) Squadron                            9 September 1942

Killed on active service                       24 October 1942


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