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Audley Family Trees; Families SA, SB, SC & T


Family SA ‘ Audey of Hackney and Islington, London, England, formerly of Leyton or Leytonstone, Essex, England’

This is a small family tree consisting of 4 individuals who lived in the Hackney and Islington areas of London. It would appear that they origiated in the Leyton or Leytonstone area of Essex.

    The History of Audley Family SA    (last updated  5th September 2023)



Family SB ‘ Audley of Brighton and East End of London. 

This is a small family tree consisting of 7 individuals who lived in the Lewisham, Deptford and Tower Hamlets areas of London and briefly of Brighton in Sussex.


    The History of Audley Family SB      (last updated 17th September 2023)


Family SC 'Audley Family of London, Texas, USA and possibly New York, USA

 This is a small family of two generations, where one member of the family changed his surname to Audley and another changed his name from Audley. The two people are as follows:

{SC2} Born Henri Lemoigne in 1908 and by 1929 was using the Audley Surname and

{SC5} The son of the above born Paul H Audley in 1932 and by 1958 was using the name Paul Nelson

pdfimage      The History of Audley Family SC        (last updated 25th October 2023)



Family T 'Audley of Audley & Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and Nantwich, & Sandbach, Cheshire; & Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire'

 This file contains information covering four separate  Audley families. One branch of Family 2 emigrated to Australia settling in Richmond, Victoria.  Family 1 in this file are the same family as detailed in Chapter 14 of 'Audley Pedigrees by A.L. Reade. (for more information select the link below)

pdf The History of Audley Family T

 (last updated 4th March 2023)

There is a remote possibility that {E29} George Audley is the son of {T35} George Penlington Audley. The discussions For and Against this theory  are detailed in the file below:

pdf   Discussions For and Against

(last updated 19th April 2019)


  There may be individuals who have yet to be linked to the above Audley Families. Information about these people may be found on the 'Unconnected' Audley Page link    link to unconnected Audley page

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