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Audley Family Trees; Families P, QB, QE, QF, QH ,QR & R 


Family P ' Audley of Cheshire' 

This is a small family tree of four people who lived in Winsford, Over and Over Peover in the County of Cheshire. (for more information select the link below)

pdf    The History of Audley Family P 

(last updated 7th June 2018)


Family QB 'Audley Family originally of Bedfordshire, England'

The earliest members of this family were born at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire, Moving to Tempsford and Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. One branch of the family moved via London to Westmoreland to Clitheroe (then in Yorkshire), Skipton and Barnoldswick. A second branch moved to Northmptonshire (Islip; Fancott; Far Cotton Wellingborough and Northampton.)
It should be noted that 'Audley Family QH' lived in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England however no link has been identified between 'Audley Family QH' and this family.

       The History of Audley Family  QB

(last updated 6th November 2023)


Family QE 'Audley Family originally of Essex, England'

 This file contains a collection of basic information regarding members of Audley families, descendants of a James Audley c1820, and his Wife, Mary Ann French,. James Audley was born in Great Wakering Essex, England. The family lived mainly in Chadwell St Mary and Orsett in Essex, England. Other places this family lived was Thurrock & Chelmsford in Essex and in London. Part of the family emigrated to Ontario, Canada

      The History of Audley Family QE

(last updated 31st January 2024)


Family QF ' Audley Family of Sible Hedingham, Essex England

Sible Hedingham is a village 8 miles north of Braintree, Essex. The parish Registers cxontain a number of Audley, birth, marriage and death records, but the same village contains a larger amount of Ardley, birth, marriage and death records and there is come concern that these two surnames have been interchanged

      The History of Audley Family QF

(last updated 10th February 2024)


Family QH 'Audley Family originally of Huntingdonshire, England'

 The earliest members of this family lived in Buckden , Huntingdonshire, England. Other places they lived in include St Neots, Diddington in Huntingdonshire; London; Chiswick in Mddlesex, England. Part of the family moved to Halfax , Mirfield, Dewsbury and Eland in Yorkshire, England. A second part of the family moved to Congleton in Cheshire, England. A third part of the family moved to Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. (It should be noted that 'Audley Family QB' also lived in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire but no connection has been identified between that family and this family)

        The History of Audley Family QH

(last updated 28th January 2024)


 Family QR ' Audley Family of Roxton Bedfordshire and Huntingdon, England

This branch of the Audley Family lived in Roxton, Bedfordshire and Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England and consists of 29 individuals who lived between 1630 and 1750.
This family history is an extension of the Audley Family described in Chapter 3 of ‘Audley Pedigrees’ by A.L. Reade, (A copy of this chapter can be found in the ‘Published Information Section of this website) and should be read in conjunction with this file.

      The History of Audley Family QR

(last updated  4th April 2024)


Family R ' Aidley/Audley of Capesthorne, Siddington & Kingsley Cheshire, Llangollen Wales, Widnes Lancashire & Ilkley Yorkshire' 

This file contains information about 136 people  and their spouses if they married in 8 separate families. The  families detailed in the file below are the various branches of the Audley family  (commencing 1750) that appear to have spent most of their time in Cheshire. In compiling the information for this file it has become clear that the surnames Audley, Adley and Aidley became in interchangeable starting as Audley and developing through Adley and into Aidley.  There are other Audley Families that spent time in Cheshire namely Audley Families A, J, P, QH and T.  For more information on Audley Family R please select the link below.

pdf      The History of Audley Family R       

(last updated 8th April 2024)

In this family a number of individuals have been recorded in various documents with variants of the Audley Surname such as Adley or Aidley. The files below are for indivduals within family R and contain images of the various records showing the variants of the surname.

pdf {R7} Martha Adley or Audley

pdf {R14} Martha Audley

pdf {R29} Martha Aidley

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