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Family A ‘Audley of Liverpool, England’ Approximately 200 descendants of Samuel Audley who married Hannah Gerrard at St Nicholas Liverpool on 2nd November 1799. This family is part of Chapter 20 of Audley Pedigrees by A. L. Reade. (for more information select link below)

pdf  The History of Audley Family A

(last updated on 18th August 2018)



Family B ‘Audley of Liverpool, England’ Approximately 125 descendants of John Audley born about 1767, who married Esther Watson. This family is part of Chapter 20 of Audley Pedigrees by A.L. Reade. (for more information select link below)

pdf The History of Audley Family B 

(last updated 13th November  2018)

Audley Families BH & BK are closely related to this family


 Family BH ' Audley of Liverpool, Sandbach Cheshire, Isle of Man & Australia'

The earliest member of of this family is {BH1} John who is the son of John Winstanley and Ann Hughes prior to her Marriage to {B20} William Audley. {BH1} John appears to have been baptised in 1838 as Winstanley, recorded in the 1841 census as Hughes; as Audley in the 1851 & 1861 censuses. He married in 1867 as Winstanley. The family used the Audley surname in 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses before changing to the Winstanley surname

    The History of Audley Family BH

 (last updated 6th May 2018)


 Family BK 'Audley of Liverpool and Portsmouth'

 This family history is the smallest of all the Family Histories on www.audleyfamilyhistory.com in that it only contains 2 males named Audley both are called Peter and Jane the Wife of the younger Peter Audley {BK2}.This Audley family must be closely linked to Audley Family “B” as {BK2} Peter Audley was living at the time of the 1851 Census of England with members of Audley Family “B” in Portsea, Portsmouth.

 The History of Audley Family BK

(last updated 6th May 2018)


Family C ‘Audley of Liverpool, England’ Approximately 105 descendants of William Audley born about 1776, who married Alice Dwerryhouse in October 1805 at St Peter's Liverpool. This family is part of Chapter 20 of Audley Pedigrees by A.L. Reade. (for more information select link below)

pdfThe History of Audley Family C

(last updated 12th July 2018)




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