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Allday – variant of Audley

From our research we believe that the Allday and Audley surnames are  two separate and independent surnames. However we believe that the surname of one branch of the  Allday family may have changed in the late 1700s from Allday to Audley.

In the late 1700s the family would have been illiterate and therefore their births, marriages and deaths would have been recorded in the parish register by the vicar who spelt the surname in  the way he thought was appropriate for what he heard (i.e Allday). When the family moved from a small village in Cheshire, England to the City of Liverpool, England the vicar  when recording their births marriages and deaths spelt their surname in the way he thought was appropriate for what he heard (i.e. Audley). Perhaps the vicar in Liverpool was in some way already familiar with the name Audley being a surname.  As the family became literate they learned to spell their surname as Audley and hence one branch of the Allday Family became a branch of the Audley Family.

The evidence for this occurring is as follows:

Firstly – When the members of ‘Audley Family A’ were living n the village of Capenhurst in Cheshire, England their births, marriages and deaths were recorded in the registers of two parishes spelt ‘Allday’.

Secondly – A living member of ‘ Audley Family AA’ (one of the 4 branches) of ‘Audley Family A’ took a Y chromosome DNA test. Those test results  showed a significant match to a living person with the Allday surname.  The results suggest a 99% probability of the two people sharing a common ancestor within 15 generations (say 375 years) and an 88% probability of these two people sharing a common ancestor within 8 generations (say 200 years).

We have traced  the ancestors of the two people who undertook the the DNA test by about 8 generations and have not found any link so far. We aae also struggling using documentary family history research to progress these family trees further back in time. The family trees so far developed are given in the files below:

pdfimage      The History of Audley Family A

It should be noted that Audley Family A contains the information about one branch of the Audley Family for the period 1750  to 1800, whilst the family were living in the village of Capenhurst, Cheshire England, and their births marriages and deaths were recorded in the registers of two parishes namely Neston and Shotwick.  The  four brothers moved to Liverpool, Lancashire, England and the history of the descendants of each of the four brothers is detailed in a separate file files namely ‘Audley Family AA’; ‘Audley Family AB’; ‘Audley Family AC’ & ‘Audley Family AD’

pdfimage     The History of the Allday Family of Birmingham.   (last updated 17th February 2021)

The Alllday family described in the above file which show a Y chromospme DNA link to ‘Audley Family A’ are described as ‘of Birmingham’ as that is  earliest location that I can find them living (approx 1800). In 1800 the Allday family were living some 78 miles to the South East from where the Audley Family were living.

We would appreciate contact from anyone who could help us identify the earlier history of this ‘Allday Family of Birmingham’.

The following link will take you to the website ‘ Allday -Alday Athenaeum Organisation' Website.

link       ‘Allday - Alday Athenaeum’ Website

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