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Newspaper Articles about Audley Family AC

This page contains a number of articles from Newspapers and Magazines that contain information about or makes reference to people who are part of Audley AC.


Publication and Date of Publication

  Details of Article/ Link to the article/ Person referred to when known

 The Guardian (England)

12th September 1910


 Expression of Thanks following the Death of Ella Audley nee Grant the first wife of  {AC49} John Audley

        pdf      Thanks following death


The Guardian (England)

8th November 1911

Marriage Announcement Audley - Caudwell

       pdf      Marriage Announcement Audley - Caudwell 

The Guardian (England)

2nd May 1927 


 Lancashire Exhibitors at the Royal Academy

pdf      Lancashire Exhibitors at the Royal Academy

Mr J A A Berrie of Liverpool Exhibits a portrait of {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932) at the Royal Academy


The Guardian (England)

2nd January 1928


 Who's Who in the Honours

pdf      Who's Who in the Honours

F C Bowring the former Lord Mayor of Liverpool was Knighted. The information about F C Bowring mentions {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932)


The Guardian (England)

18th June 1928

Pageant of Peter Pan

pdf     Pageant of Peter Pan

This article reports the celebrations of the inauguration of the statue of Peter Pan in Sefton Park, Liverpool. The article includes messages sent between the author James Barrie and {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932)

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The Guardian (England)

20th July 1929 


Walker Art Gallery Extension

pdf      Walker Art Gallery Extension

The above article records the donation made by {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932) to the extension of the Walker Art gallery in Liverpool


Liverpool Post & Mercury

 26th April 1932



Death of {AC50} George Audley

pdf      Death of {AC50} George Audley

The newspaper reports the death of {AC50} George Audley


Evening Post

 30th April 1932



 Picture Bequest to Liverpool by {AC50} George Audley

pdf      Article part 1

pdf      Article part 2

pdf      Article part 3

The above article in three parts; lists the pictures bequeathed to Liverpool by {C50} George Audley in his will. It summarises the value of his will and gives details of other bequests he has made to the city


The Guardian (England)

8th June 1932


Recent Wills

pdf      Recent wills

The above article includes a summary of the will of {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932)


The Guardian (England)

8th February 1935


Developing Wythenshaw Park

pdf      Developing Wythenshaw Park

The above article describes the development of Wythenshaw Park Manchester in a similar way that Stanley Park Liverpool was developed in Liverpool with figurines donated by {AC50} George Audley (1864 - 1932)

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