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Photographs of Audley Family U

  u110mayaudley19161   U155VioletAudleywithSuzette1

 {U110) May Audley (1903 - 1979)

Photograph taken in 1916


 {U155} Violet Audley (1905 - ????)

with 'Suzette'

  U150HenryAudley   U97MarkAudleySonU192PercyAudley

{U150} Henry Audley (1910 - ????)

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 {U97} Mark Audley (1865 - ????) and son {U192} Percy Audley (1894- ????)

Living in Westfield, Massachussetts USA

  Audley3   Audley4v1

 {U109} Henry Mark (Harry) Audley (1900 - 1960)


 {U100} William Henry Audley (1870 - 1960)

and Son {U108} William Henry Audley (1898 - 1952)

  Audley5    Whipmount1

 {U202} Henry Mark Audley (1930- ????)

possibly taken in 1939

   In many of the censuses members of Audley Family U are recorded as being whip mount makers the above image is of a whip and a whip mount



{U87} Ann Audley ( 1828 - ????) and her husband George Underhill used to live at High Street, Brierley Hill Birmingham

This photograph was taken after their deaths


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