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Newspaper Articles about Other Audley Family

This page contains a number of articles from Newspapers and Magazines that contain information about or makes reference to people who are part of other Audley Families


Publication and Date of Publication

  Details of Article/ Link to the article/ Person referred to when known

The Guardian (England)

2nd January 1926 


 Poisoned in a Police Cell

 pdf Poisoned in Police Cell

Police Constable John Audley describes the arrest of a man detained following a raid on a Post Office in London. The arrested man appears to have committed suicide whilst detained in a Police cell. It has not as yet been identified to which branch of the Audley Family Police Constable John Audley belongs.


 Explorer Magazine (Kentucky)

 June 2009 (originally

published  1909) 


Mysterious Woman(Mrs Jean Audley) Arrives In Caldwell County. 

    pdfMysterious Woman

  I have no idea how Mrs Jean Audley fits in with any Audley Family. Can you help?




Audley Family Trees; Families V to X


Family V 'Audley Originating in Dorset' This is the family history is of an Audley family that are recorded in the Village of Corfe Castle, Dorset,from around 1800 and some remain there to the present day. From this initial location some moved to other areas of Dorset such as Dorchester, Frome, Vauchurch, Poole ,Child Okeford, Lytchett Minster, Langton Maltravers, Swanage and Worth Maltravers. Others moved to other areas of the country such as Camberwell, Hammersmith, Holborn, Lambeth and Westminster, in London; Calne in Wiltshire; Aldbury and Croyden in Surrey; Haywards Heath in Sussex; Seaforth and Liverpool in Lancashire; Exeter in Devon; Bournmouth; Romsey & Stockbridge, Gosport and Highworth in Hampshire; Willesden in Middlesex; Bedford in Bedfordshire; Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire; Chesterfield and Derby in Derbyshire; Mansfield in Nottinghamshire; Malvern in Worcestershire.  No members of this family appear to have emigrated from England. This branch of the Audley contains more than 120 people born with the Audley surname and their spouses.

pdf    The History of Audley Family V (last updated 8th  August 2018)


Family W 'John Odlin also known as John Audley of the Winthrop Fleet'.  John sailed with the Winthrop Fleet arriving at the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. In various document written about the colony he is recorded as John Audley, John Audlin and John Odlin.  The first file below contains a summary, compiled by this website of all the information about John with the aim of concluding his true surname. The second file  is a history of the 'Odlin' family written in 1887 and contains the family tree of this John Odlin also known as John Audley.

        pdf   Review of information about John Odlin also known as John Audley

                pdf  The Odlin Family


Family X ' Hugh Audley, the "USURER"' The file below is an update of Chapter 12 of Audley Pedigrees.

                     pdf   The History of Audley Family X (last updated 18th February 2015)

Audley Family Trees; Families YA, Z and AA


Family YA 'Audley of America' This file contains information about  3 Audley families in America that have not as yet been linked to an Audley Family in Great Britain.(for more information select the link below)

pdf    The History of Audley Family YA   (last updated 14th November 2018)


Family YK Audsley Family that became Audley Family

The Family detailed in the file below is an AUDSLEY Family originally from Crayford in Kent, England. One branch of this family emigrated to Australia and one branch of that family in Australia changed its surname AUDSLEY to AUDLEY

pdf  The History of Audley Family KY

(file last updated 18th November 2018)


Family Z 'The Barons Audley'.

The file below, compiled by this website, contains the details of the family that held the title of Baron Audley of Audley and also later Baron Audley of Orier in Ireland and Earls of Castlehaven in Ireland, from earliest times to the present day. This family includes a Founder Member of the Order of the Garter and a Bishop.  This family Z file also contains the separate Audley Family that  briefly held the title of Lord Chancellor of England and Baron of Walden. This file containd information about 232 inderviduals and their spouses,

pdf The History of Audley Family Z

(file last updated 11th October 2018)



There  have been several documents published that contain family trees of the early Barons Audley,  i.e prior to 1391, When one reads these document there are significant differences between them. The file below compares the information in these various publications, to highlight the variations.

pdf The Early Barons Audley

(file last updated 22nd May 2015)

Copies of other published information about the 'Barons Audley' is contained within this website as follows:

'Baronagium Genealogicum' published in 6 volumes between 1764 and 1784 and is known to contain errors. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.

'The Baronage of England' published in 1675 by Sir William Dugdale. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.

'The Complete Peerage'  by G E Cokayne. Click here to go to the webpage that contains this document.

'The Parentage of James De Audley KG' by Josiah Wedgewood MP and published as part of the Staff Colls. Collection. This excellent document resolves the confusion in earlier publication as to who was the James Audley who was ' the hero of Poitiers' and a 'founder knight of the Garter. Click here to read this document

'Peerage of England' 6th Edition by Collins published in 1812.  This document deals with the 'Touchet" surname i.e the family to who the title of Baron Audley was transferred through marriage in  about 1391. Click here to read this document


Audley Family Trees; Families SA, SB, T & U


Family SA ‘ Audey of Hackney and Islington, London, England’ This is a small family tree consisting of 4 individuals who lived in the Hackney and Islington areas of London. It would appear that they origiated in the Leyton or Leytonstone area of Essex.

    The History of Audley Family SA      (last updated  20th May 2018)


Family SB ‘ Audley of Brighton and East End of London. This is a small family tree consisting of 4 individuals who lived in the Lewisham, Deptford and Tower Hamlets areas of London and briefly of Brighton in Sussex.


    The History of Audley Family SB      (last updated 21st September 2018)


Family T 'Audley of Audley & Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and Nantwich, & Sandbach, Cheshire; & Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire' This file contains information covering four separate  Audley families. One branch of Family 2 emigrated to Australia settling in Richmond, Victoria.  Family 1 in this file are the same family as detailed in Chapter 14 of 'Audley Pedigrees by A.L. Reade. (for more information select the link below)

pdf The History of Audley Family T

 (last updated 3rd November 2018)


  U97MarkAudleySonU192PercyAudley Family U 'Audley of Birmingham' The file below contains information about 15 families. The first family in this file is that family described ino Chapter 8 of Audley Pedigrees 'Audley of Alrewas & Birmingham'  One branch of this family emigrated to the USA settling in Boston, Hampden & Westfield in Massachusetts and New York. (for more information select the link below)

 pdf The History of Audley Family U 

 (last updated 1st November 2018)


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